Lillie’s Q Barbeque Sauces

It’s great to find a new blog and new bbq sauces at the same time 🙂


First Brisket on the New Smoker

Great way to break in a new smoker!

In Other Words

So, earlier this year, the best wife ever agreed to let me go out and get myself a smoker.  I ended up deciding on the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, 22.5″.  I probably would have been fine with the smaller 18.5″ one, but figured since I wanted to try my hand at brisket, I’d go for the bigger one.

So, last weekend, I gave it a go for a brisket. This first brisket run wasn’t a full brisket.  I just picked up a hunk of flat from the store.  It was 2.68 lb at the start.  I put it on at 10:30, hoping for a 15-16:00 sit down time.  Since it was small, and I was planning on going slightly hotter that usual, at 275F, I figured I was in pretty good shape time-wise.

I loaded up the cooker with some good old Kingsford Blue, and dropped in 4 chunks of pecan…

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Easy Potato Trick

What a great idea! This is going into my bag of tricks 🙂

M Delish Boutique

This little nifty trick could not be more simple to make. What you see is what you get. I have to admit that I saw this somewhere on a facebook feed last week and without reading or clicking, I figured I could try on my own. Turns out the concept looks amazing, but takes little skill, time or effort.

Basically, take a large russet potato, slice through in thin slices leaving the very bottom of each slice intact, thus keeping the potato connected and the slices able to fan out. Next, I drizzled olive oil over the potato and rubbed it into each slice on both sides. Then I lightly salted and peppered the whole potato. I placed it on a few layers of folded foil, and set it on the hot grill, lid-on for about 35 minutes, checking the middle slices for tenderness as time passed. This could easily…

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Lost in a Cloud Ribs

These ribs look amazing! Great story as well 🙂

Back of a Napkin

Lost in a Cloud We were stuck in a cloud. Nothing but white around us, above us and under foot. The tug of the frozen rope was the only reminder that I was not alone.

Six friends and I were roped up in a single file line separated by 15m of climbing rope. We were following a bearing on a compass, the only way to know what direction to go. Our progress was measured in rope lengths and we probed the frozen icy ground every few steps to avoid being swallowed by an unseen crevasse.

We made slow and steady progress into the white sphere of confusion with no scenery, no horizon, just white. Naturally our minds started to wonder as we were many days into a mountaineering trip. We had been traversing the Wapta Icefield when a thick and heavy fog rolled in. There had been time to prepare, maps were studied, distance was gauged…

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Charcoal BBQ Bliss

Makan Kakis on Gold 905

Click for the sound of this week’s sizzling episodefrom Gold 905!

Man. Meat. Fire.
If these words appeal to you in the most visceral way, you’re gonna love this week’s recommendation!

steak via

Choice cuts of meats expertly cooked by chefs on custom charcoal grills, finished with the freshest of herbs and seasonings… Intensely delicious food infused with smoky notes that can only come from a perfectly prepared barbeque…

This week, Makan Kaki Shermay Lee shares with us a restaurant that takes all things charcoal-grilled to a whole other level. Burnt Ends can be found in the hipster enclave of Keong Saik Road, but there’s nothing faddish about the food they serve here – grilling up the freshest produce on specially-designed grills is what they truly excel in. Chef Dave Pynt trained with one of the best – acclaimed self-taught chef/ cool grilling contraption inventor, Victor Arguinzoniz

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